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torstai 29. kesäkuuta 2017

Astral Visions #74 now at Mixcloud!

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  • 1 Terminal (from Terminal) by Circle
  • 2 Folder (from Folder) by Lød
  • 3 The Beyond Beyond from Beyond (from Atomic Oblivion) by Steel Mammoth
  • 4 Rational Woman (from Maneuvers) by Sasquatch
  • 5 12 Shades Revisited (from Live in Berlin 2017) by Sendelica
  • 6 Love Is All (from Strange Roads) by Sidewalk Society
  • 7 Piper at the Gates of Time (from Song 2x7") by Fuchsia
  • 8 Zeta (from Phillip The Egg) by Magic Bus
  • 9 Secretion of the Wafer (from Heaven Is in Your Mind 7") by Anton Barbeau
  • 10 Astral Hitch Hike (from Stardust Rituals) by Electric Moon
  • 11 Cosmic Highway (from Drone Jams Vol. II) by The Space Spectrum
  • 12 The Multicellular Structures Into The Space Drift (from Maat Lander / OSC split) by Maat Lander
  • 13 Fluff (from Würzburg Cairo 2015) by Electric Orange
  • 14 Hermanos (from S/T) by Vago Sagrado
  • 15 Benediction Moon (from Realms of Metaphysical) by Arc of Ascent
  • 16 Ambur (from Nektyr) by Demen
  • 17 Ending (from The Ape Regards His Tail) by Sula Bassana

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