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perjantai 29. joulukuuta 2017

Astral Visions #77 Mixcloud Show now online!

It's been a great year what comes to music! Here's my last show this year, have fun...


  • 1 You're No Good (from Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay)by Psychic Lemon
  • 2 The Same Sun (from The Same Sun 7")by The Pretty Things
  • 3 Ring the Albanian (from S/T)by Helicon
  • 4 Follow Mw (from Follow Me)by More Experience
  • 5 Strange Space (from Intro / Outro)by Moths & Locusts
  • 6 San Pedro (from Oscilador)by Fonez
  • 7 Sunrizer (from Quiet Pass)by Sleeping Pandora
  • 8 The Storm (from Before the Storm 7")by Into the Sky
  • 9 Steve Machine (from Thought Zero)by Crystal Cloisters
  • 10 United Fruit (from V/A - Return Of Son Of Gutbucket - An Underground Canadian Psych Explosion)by Shooting Guns
  • 11 Deep Throat River Holy Mountain High (from Freak Out Orgasm!)by Hibushibire
  • 12 Light of Love (from Dark Weave)by Mark McDowell
  • 13 The Orange Coat (from Mushroom Mantras)by Vibravoid
  • 14 Even Though My Mouth Is Silent (Chromlech Chronicles II)by Sendelica

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