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maanantai 13. tammikuuta 2014

Deamon’s Child: Demo

Self-released CD-R/Zygmatron

Deamon’s Child is a new noisy and punky stoner rock band from Germany. The band has a female singer to give the music also some more fragile vibes. Most of the vocals are in German that makes the music sound a bit different. This six-track demo was recorded in March 2013 and all instruments are played by John Daemon, but the cover says that Anami Daemon plays bass and Jack Daemon the drums. Go figure. The idea was to form a live band as well, anyway. “Lutscher” is a slow and heavy stoner piece, “Alles Bio, Immer Bio” rocks hard and faster bringing to mind some South-American heavy psych/hardcore acts. “Mine Leer” is only a couple of minutes long but rocks hard and with punky energy. “Venus” is a dark, more atmospheric number and I can also hear some keyboards in this one. I’m getting some post-punk vibes from this one, pretty nice. “Vertigo” is a very short (1:37) experimental instrumental, and then it’s time for the demo’s longest (7:09) track “Among the Shadows”. It starts out slowly but turns into 70’s styled heavy hard rocking after a couple of minutes. Then it gets more atmospheric again but soon the going gets wild and fierce. This must be the best piece on the demo, I like it! The sound is quite rough, loud and dirty but I think it suits the music just fine. I bet we will more hear about this band.

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