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tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2017

The Orange Drop ‎– Stoned In Love

Mega Dodo ‎(DODOLP/CD20) 

The Orange Drop is a great new psych pop / shoegazer rock band from the U.S.A. The amazing Stoned in Love is their second album I guess following a seven-track CD EP released in 2014 and including some same songs. I've got no idea how Mega Dodo in the U.K. got to know them but I'm glad it happened and they decided to release an album by them since this is very enjoyable, melodic, emotional and high-quality stuff. The band has some garage and 60s vibes as well, but the music is well produced, skillful and sounds fresh, dreamy and interesting at the same time. My only small complaint is that the album is rather short at 36 minutes, but I guess it's always a wise move to let the fans hunger for more...

There are nine songs on the album most of which are relatively short. Things start off with the beautiful "Juniper Pearl" that brings to mind some of the cool alternative pop/rock bands of the 90s. This track is also available as a VERY limited lathe-cut 7". "The Curse of Kukaku" is a slow, dreamy and a bit bluesy number that gets more psychedelic later on. This is the longest track at 7:50 and pretty intense. The other longer track "Make It Her, Forever" start off with an Eastern-tinged drone and is a very hypnotic and mesmerizing piece as a whole including some cool fuzz and tremolo guitar. One of my favourites for sure and will please the Brian Jonestown Massacre fans as well! "Julia Dream" is a wonderful cover of the melancholic and peaceful Pink Floyd song and works really well. Trippy! "Substance D" is the short, very psychedelic intro of side B of the LP version, and then we get to the most hit-sounding song of the album called "J'admets" sung in French. Very catchy and nice pop song! "Hey Man" has some acoustic guitar and percussion and some radio-friendly melodies and dreamy guitar and keyboards. "Part 2" continues the track in instrumental mode with a cool guitar solo. The album is finished with the sort of cheerful "If You Feel It" that has a bit of Rolling Stones vibe to it I think. All in all, this is marvellous album of psychedelic, dreamy pop/rock and I'm already looking forward to hear some more. The orange vinyl is limited to 250 so hurry up please.

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