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maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2015

Palace of Swords - S/T 7" + CD-R

Reverb Worship (RW 278)

Palace of Swords is an experimental electronic ambient project based in Aberdeen, Scotland and led by Peter Lyon. I was first introduced to them through Fruits de Mer Records (once again!), when their Neu! cover "Lila Engel" was included on the superb Krautrock tribute compilation Head Music in 2012. Palace of Swords have released a couple of hyper limited CD-R EP's on the amazing Reverb Worship label, who have now also started to put out 7" singles which is great!

This white-label, white vinyl 7" includes two remixes. On the first side (marked with A) we've got a very hypnotic and minimal "Echoes from a Distant Star" re-mixed by Joe Foster, the legendary producer and co-founder of Creation Records, among other things. There's not that much happening except for a simple, repetitive synth pattern and some electronic background noises, but the vibe is very cool. "Ringstone Round" on side AA has been remixed by another Reverb Worship artist The Hare and the Moon, and I like this version a lot. There's even some human voice in the pretty adventurous mix. This is still rather minimal, peaceful ambient music. This track was previously known as "The Castle Spectre" and die-hard Fruits de Mer collectors like myself have heard it on their exclusive The Crabs Sell Out / The Crabs Freak Out compilation.

The 7" comes with a CD-R that has the two single tracks ("Ringstone Round" is extended here) plus three other tracks. "We Are the New Hyperboreans" has a very cool title I think and is remixed here by Midwich Youth Club. Pretty trippy electronic music! The same goes with "Aesthete Cured" (Snide Rhythms Re-mix", but this relays more on beat and melody. "Live at the Aberdeen Witch Trials 1597" (Future Disguiese Re-mix) is a very weird, psychedelic and experimental track that also has very suitable spoken-word samples. All in all, this is an interesting and mind-altering release so check it out if you can still find a copy since there are only 100 of them!

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