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maanantai 13. heinäkuuta 2015

The Seventh Ring of Saturn: Ormythology

Nusrat (NUSRATL0000002)

The Seventh Ring of Saturn (what a great band name, by the way!) from Atlanta, GA, is yet another great psych rock band I've got to know through Fruits de Mer label. Ormythology is their second full-lenght, and they also have one 7" and have been included on two Fruits de Mer releases. I have not been able to locate a glow-in-the-dark LP version limited to just 300 copies of this release, but luckily the band sent me a promo CD of it for review. Thanks guys!

Ormythology includes eight relatively short songs many of which are covers. The definitely 60s inspired style varies a bit throughout the album but sometimes ("Burning a Hole", "Time to Fly") I'm reminded of early The Green Pajamas, Norway's The Dipsomaniacs or their fellow countrymen The Luck of Eden Hall. So you will get psychy guitars, driving beats and great Beatlesque vocal melodies and harmonies. They also have strong Turkish influence on this album (the instrumentals "Teli Teli Teli", Erkin Koray's "Karli Daglar", "Yedikule" and "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim") which is very cool. They also do a great cover of the '66 garage rock classic "Faces" by the T. C. Atlantic, wow! Another highlight is "Spaceman" originally by the classic Danish heavy psych band Hurdy Gurdy, this one really kicks ass! This is an excellent album but only released by the band so it might be hard to get but worth the try for sure...

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