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keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2015


Hi there! I haven't put out a hotlist for a few months now so I made this a double with 20 entries... Check them out!

Zone Six: Love Monster LP
V/A: The Magical Mystery Psych Out LP
Jacco Gardner: Hypnophobia LP
Lamp of the Universe: The Inner Light of Revelation LP + 7"
The Lysergics: S/T LP
Circle: Pharaoh Overlord LP
Pharaoh Overlord: Circle LP
Galacticka: S/T LP
Crystal Thoughts welcoming Nicolai Vilhelm Tell: Inside the Temple LP
Electric Orange: Netto LP + bonus CD
Kirkbinsinek: Sis Pus Sus LP
Krautzone: Spiritual Retreat LP
Polska Radio One: Early Broadcasts LP
Electric Moon: Theory of Mind 2LP
Anekdoten: Until All the Ghosts Are Gone LP + CD
Steven Wilson: Hand. Cannot. Erase. 2LP
Domovoyd: S/T LP
Sammal: Myrskyvaroitus LP
V/A: Stoned Circus Radio Show 20th Anniversary LP
Mercyful Fate & Danger Zone: The Vampire Is Back 2LP

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