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perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2015

Astral Visions #59 online now!

Okay, I've been busy and there's been a little gap in my Astral Visions Internet Radio show, but Jerry at Aural Innovations just put my latest show online! Listen or download it at:

Here's the playlist:

[Track 1: 0:00-3:45] Polska Radio One - "New Space" (from Early Broadcasts)
[Track 2: 3:45-19:00] Superfjord - "CTA-102 (Edit)" (from V/A: Side Effects)
[Track 3: 19:00-27:18] Hawkwind - "Born to Go" (from Space Ritual Live)
[Track 4: 27:18-29:52] Mugstar - "Wire to Wire" (from White Hills / Mugstar Split 7")
[Track 5: 29:52-45:03] Electric Moon - "Theory of Mind (Edit)" (from Theory of Mind)
[Track 6: 45:03-49:53] Gnod - "Breaking the Hex" (from Infinity Machines)
[Track 7: 49:53-53:44] White Hills - "We Are What You Are" (from Walks for Motorists)
[Track 8: 53:44-58:24] Cosmic Wheels - "No One Knows Where They've Been" (from S/T)
[Track 9: 58:24-1:01:25] The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - "Time to Fly" (from Ormythology)
[Track 10: 1:01:25-1:06:56] Jacco Gardner - "Hypnophobia" (from Hypnophobia)
[Track 11: 1:06:56-1:19:52] Sendelica - "I Feel Love (Edit)" (from V/A: Side Effects)
[Track 12: 1:19:52-1:38:00] The Myrrors - "The Forward Path" (from Arena Negra)
[Track 13: 1:38:00-1:54:39] The Soft Bombs - "Echoes (Edit)" (from V/A: Side Effects)
[Track 14: 1:54:39-2:00:38] Tahtiportti - "Viimeinen Tahtiportti" (from S/T) 

Enjoy and float away!!!


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