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torstai 8. toukokuuta 2014

Videos from Crabstock on Ice - Fruits de Mer Festival of Psychedelia 3.5.2014

Okay, here's what I shot with my mobile phone at the festival. First we had the lovely Jack Ellister from The Netherlands who definitely won some new fans (or maybe even hearts...) with his intimate performance and bunter... Jack had played two earlier gigs in Finland as well around the May Day.

Then it was time for a lovely acid folk duo Us and Them from Stockholm. This was the couple's first gig outside of Sweden and went really well. They also had some pre-recorded Mellotron & stuff coming from iPod.

The Legendary Flower Punk from St. Petersburg had a more experimental but very psychedelic touch, I only got to shoot a bit of it.

Sendelica from Wales did a mighty comeback to Finland. They were supposed to be the headliners but didn't want to be the last band after all so here we go starting off with a cool jam. Kamille from The Legendary Flower Punk helped out with electronics just like he did last time in Helsinki...

Finally, a little bit after 1AM we had Octopus Syng who played maybe the best gig I've even seen them play and believe me I've seen them live a lot! Very energetic, psychedelic and even mad show, I was so into it that I couldn't shoot more than this I'm afraid... People were going nuts!

Thanks a lot for Keith from Fruits de Mer from allowing this happen and even being present with his lovely wive Liz, the amazing bands for playing the festival and making it such a special happening, Kalle aka VJ Hypericum for the very cool projections and Kimmo from Albinö Rhino who really saved the whole night by mixing all the bands. Also spesial thanks to Harri for hosting the Sendelica boys and helping out in other ways as well... I really enjoyed the whole experience!

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