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torstai 1. toukokuuta 2014

Hotlist 1st of May...

Okay, pretty Fruits de Mer oriented but what the heck... I love the label and everything it presents! Remember our Crabstock on Ice Festival in Helsinki this saturday!

Facebook event.

Various Artists: Crabstock on Ice - Fruits de Mer Records' Festival of Psychedelia CD
Soft Hearted Scientists: Exorcising the Demos - Part One: From Mutinies to Hermit Crabs CD
Us and Them: By the Time It Gets Dark 7"
Schizo Fun Addict: Theme from Suspiria 7"
Crystal Jaqueline and the Honey Pot: S/T 2 x 7"
Bronco Bullfrog: Time Waits for Norman 7"
Schnauser: S/T 7"
Astralasia: Wind on Water Promo CD-R
Craig Padilla: Sonar promo CD-R
Octopus Syng: Reverbarating Garden Number 7 CD

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