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tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2014

The Mansion: Congregation Hymns Vol. 1 7”

Streaks Records (streaks#22)

Turku-based heavy psychedelic occult rockers The Mansion released their new 7” just in time for their very successful Roadburn Festival show this April, and I was lucky to receive a promo copy at the festival. Like the debut EP We Shall Live released last year this is a limited edition. On this release the group has chosen a wilder, devilish approach, especially so on the fierce A-side “Wild Child”. This is pure wild, energetic hard rock ’n’ roll and something that The Mansion has not done before. These also some nice fuzz guitar leads, but I always want more of that… There are even some horns, and Alma’s vocals have a suitable, slightly distorted quality. Excellent! The B-side “New Dawn” is a doomier, more atmospheric affair including moody keyboard sounds (Mellotron as well?) and slower parts. A great song with nice melodies and hooks! Get this amazing single soon or you will miss out. You can check it out on their Bandcamp site.

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