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torstai 9. toukokuuta 2024

Å - Åtråvärld

 Self-released (ÅLP003)


Åtråvärld is the third album by Swedish prog/psych rock band Å (meaning stream in English). I have previously reviewed also their eponymous debut album and second album Ånyo.  After those there was quite a long pause, but this one was released in December 2023, maybe this vinyl version limited to 300 copies came a bit later. The main band is still Joel Öhlund (vocals, guitar), Milovan Fredriksson (bass, guitar) and Erik Wallin (drums) with some quests on sax, flute, synth etc. The album was recorded in their home town Uppsala and the band still sings in their native language.

The strong folk roots are very clearly audile on the first song "Fredmans epistel 9" that is actually written by traditional Swedish poet & musician Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795). A very nice interpretion with also some World Music vibes! The almost eight-minute "G​å​ngl​å​t i femtakt" starts off with some farm animal sounds and then goes pretty mystical and progressive. The sax is a nice addition, and there's a cool early 70s jazzy prog vibe.  "Transversale varelser" has a nice acoustic guitar and brings to mind some of the more atmospheric songs by Dungen (especially when the flute is added) still sounding pretty original. It also goes rather psychedelic which is cool.

Side B starts off with "Elden" that goes in 7/8 and has some heavier guitar as well. Maybe some King Crimson feel in here and I like it. "Intryck och uttryckt" are two different tracks on the digital version but marked as one track on the LP. The first part is nice, acoustic stuff, but then things start to rock out more in a groovy, psychedelic folk rock way. Some cool jamming and hippie vibes. I really enjoy this album and it is definitely worth checking out if you like well produced, 70s styled Swedish folk/psych/prog rock with great vocals and skillful instrumentation.


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