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lauantai 5. joulukuuta 2020

Vesa Partti - Ambientwerk II: Sees


This is the second ambient solo album by Helsinki-based musician Vesa Partti under his own name. Astral Zone readers might know him from his more space ROCK oriented band Tuliterä or even older projects like Sadkarma. This, however, is the part II of his Ambientwerk trilogy following the first part Aallokko that I reviewed in May.

The new album includes three long instrumental pieces mostly played with synths, sequencers, drum machine and effects. Two of the tracks also include electric guitar. The very dreamy, hypnotic music is mostly based on repetition as layer upon layer gets added to the basic background. There is a certain classic "Berlin-School" vibe on the music but there are also more modern elements. The beats on the opener "Vertikal" are very distorted and crushed, for example. The track could almost be from some unreleased Klaus Schulze album until the modern beat joins in. I truly enjoy the music but have some problems digesting the rather extreme sounding drum machine. It does make the track sound more interesting though, even if this sounds a bit confusing. Gentle melodies caress the dreamy soundscapes, wonderful. You can just made out some treated human voice in the mix towards the end. The second journey "Tropfen" is very ambient and abstract but a slow beat is added later on. "Herbstblad" has beautiful guitar stuff making it the most easily accessible piece on the album but this is not exactly easy-listening either although very pleasant and relaxing. Just close your eyes and float away. This got to be my favourite track this time. The third part of the trilogy will possibly mostly played with a banjo so there are some changes coming... You can buy Vesa's albums from his Bandcamp site for what ever price you want. If you enjoy deep, cosmic and ambient electronic music you really should check them out. 


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