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tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2020

Sonic Trip Project - Everlasting Kozmik Peace


Sonic Trip Project is a psychedelic instrumental space rock band from the UK playing live on the psych fest scene of today. Their great guitarist Vince Cory has also played with Øresund Space Collective and contributed to some of my Astral Magic tracks as well, among other things. The other artists here are Darren Butler - drums, Lee Carr, bass/synth/FX, Richard Lanchester - Djembe, Dave Onley + Aaron Electronic Effects & K8 - bubble guns + space suit.

This album was recorded live at The New Avalon Ballroom Memorial for Kozmik Ken in October 2020. In addition to being a big part of the UK Festival scene Ken also happened to be my dear Dj friend for many years on the row at Roadburn Festival in Holland and also at our Psychotropic Caravan Festival in Helsinki. What a loss... I loved the guy, too bad that I never made it to dj at his festival as he would have liked. But okay, let's stay focused on the music here! So what we've got here are six long instrumental psychedelic space rock jams that are filled with wild solo guitar work, spacey effects, groovy rhythms and cool synthesizer stuff. There are also some more relaxed moments like the beautiful beginning of "Elevator Seven" and the dreamy "One Blue Dot", but the main emphasis is on the more rocking stuff. Sonic Trip Project sort of have a style of their own. Even though there's that clear influence of the free festival scene of the 70s and early 80s you can't really say "that track sounds like Hawkwind, that like Ozrics, that like Gong" on anything like that. It's just great, spacey psych/prog/jam music that I really enjoy listening. The gig was mixed by Vince and sounds really good. I hope to see it being released on CD or even vinyl soon but I don't have any details. But at least it is available as digital download from the band's Bandcamp site so go and get it!


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