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tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2020

The Superstars - Metamorphosis / Finale 7" EP

 Regal Crapomophone (winkle 43)


If you like early 70s styled prog rock then this Italian band is just down your alley. I had never heard of them before but as always, Fruits de Mer/Regal Crapomophone are great to introduce me my next favourite bands. It's hard to find info on the band from the web (well, try searching yourself for a band with such a name... Only the band Big Naturals have ever given me more to look at!). Anyway, let's dive into the music.

This is a three-track 7" EP spinning in 33 1/3 rpm. On the A side we have two studio cuts: the five-minute-plus "Metamorphosis" and "Finale" just under three minutes in length. Not you usual 15 min + prog rock jams, but still they do their tricks very well. Both are mostly instrumental, but "Metamorphosis" also has some spoken word giving it a very English vibe. I'm reminded of bands like Caravan etc. Great guitar and organ work and very groovy drums! Later on some cools synths sounds as well. Also "Finale" brings to mind Caravan more than enything else, but definitely also Camel in their golden era. Great! There is also a certain amount of psychedelia in the mix to keep things interesting for us "heads"... But that's not all folks! On the B side we still have a "live" version of "Metamorphosis" that lasts closer to six minutes! Excellent vibe on this one and the live version grows a bit more towards the end. All in all, an excellent little EP that leaves me wanting to hear more of the best of by The Superstars! The EP is on sale now so get yourself a copy.


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