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tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2020

Vibravoid - The Decomposition of Noise

Stoned Karma Records

 Celebrating its 30th birthday in 2020 Vibravoid is Germany's, (if not the whole universe's?) number one psychedelic rock band at the moment. A new album by them is always a really exciting thing for me. The musical highlight of the year! With The Decomposition of Noise our good Doktor Koch has made it again: a perfect package of 60s inspired, melodic psych pop, mind-blowing freak-outs, interstellar space rock jams, hypnotic krautrock journeys and insane lysergic experimentation all in one! It sounds to me that Vibravoid finally realized that you don't have to master everything on the red all the time since this album seems to have much more room to breath which is great.

The new album starts off with the great tittle track "The Decomposition of Noise". It's a compact, catchy, four-minute psych rock hit with all the right ingredients that make Vibravoid so invincible. It is love at the first listen! This screams for a single release as well I think. Speaking of singles, many of us have already heard the next track "World of Pain", another killer hit song with a little more groove and pop sensibility. Superb stuff and always in my 7" DJ bag! "It Happened Tomorrow" is a beautiful, ethereal and melancholic song that I also really like. "Eardrum" has a cool 60s vibe and groove with spacey effects, very nice! "Plastic Covered Tangerines" is a darker, droney and hypnotic piece that makes you brain freeze. There always needs to be at least one long trippy piece on a Vibravoid album and this time it's the almost 20-minute "The Essence of Noise". I love the female voice samples in German etc. This is so hypnotic and mesmerizing that I'm not sure on what planet I am anymore! Gets you ultra high for sure. The actual album is finished with just over one minute of "The Decomposition of Noise Reprise". I am in awe! probably the best album Vibravoid ever released. The CD version also includes the radio edit of "World of Pain", a VERY cool and superb-sounding 20-minute live version of the band's early classic "Ballspeaker" recorded in Chania, Crete as well as a long, weird and experimental instrumental called " Im Zeichen Des Zwilling". All essential stuff! The limited LP version of the album comes with a surprise live LP as a bonus... The Decomposition of Noise should be out on the 6th of May and every self-respecting psych head should definitely get it.

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