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keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2020

The Lost Stoned Pandas - Tune In... Turn On... Get Panda'd

Regal Crabomophone (winkle 39)

Wow, this is something rather special... The Lost Stoned Pandas is a project that was first discussed about during the recordings of the Sendelica/The Orb/Secret Knowledge 12" Windmill (read my review over here). Sendelica's Pete and Secret Knowledge's Kris asked aboard a few friends (including Astralasia's Marc Swordfish) and band colleagues to insure that a full-on psychedelic experience will be transmitted to the listener. And it sure is! We already got a little taster of things to come with the very rare one-sided Panda 1 - Pandamonium 12" lathe-cut last year, but it had only one same track and in different mix.

Tune In... Turn On... Get Panda'd is a double vinyl album with three side-long tracks and three a bit shorter ones on side C. The recordings took place in Wales in July 2019 and Pete, Marc and Colin re-assembled and mixed all the stuff during the Autumn/Winter. The music is highly hallucinogenic, ambient, spacey and atmospheric with lots of weird samples, ethereal guitar, electronics, keyboards, bass, drums, violin, cello etc. It has a very dreamy effect making the listener transport into a strange, wonderful fairy land where magic is real and none of the real word problems have any signifigance. The first LP is very tranquil and peaceful, but on side C the band have bit bit more danceable, folky trance vibe. Astralasia, one of my favourite electronic acts ever, comes to mind. Side D sounds pretty experimental and far-out, a lot of remixing and manipulating on this one... Very mind-expanding stuff! Make sure you get a copy of this weird but marvellous album if you are not afraid of long, trippy jams and strange soundscapes. Also available on CD from the Sendelica Bandcamp site.

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