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maanantai 16. maaliskuuta 2020

Dubbal - The Return of the Lonesome Traveller


Dubbal is a psychedelic space rock/dub band formed by ex-members of the 80s/90s UK psych/blues/space rock festie band Dr. Brown. The line-up is Kev Ellis -vocals, Andy Radburn - synths, Alan Shaw - bass, Nick May - lead guitar  and Grunty - rhythm guitar. You probably have heard them in other projects later on as well. There have been several low-key releases by Dubbal since 2015 but this is the first one that I have really checked out. I'm glad I did since this is really great stuff!

The opener "Out Or In" is spacey, atmospheric and psychedelic mid-tempo space rock with a long intro. This is really deep, hypnotic stuff and I am instantly in love. "Fly On In" is happier, reggae/dub inspired track. Reggae is not exactly my cup of herbal tea but suff like this works okay for me done by likes of Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind and this also gets my blessing. Great for dancing, I bet. The ten-minute "Bring Me The Head Of ..... ......." is the albums highlight. This is high-energy heavy space rocking bringing to mind Hawkwind, The Ship of Fools and several others. Feel your mind expand more and more every second! The main riff is really driving and energetic, but there are also trippy ambient sections of course. Wow!!! I'm so glad some-one is still making music that sounds like this, my favourite kind of music for sure. The last track is the 15-plus-minute "The Return Of The Lonesome Traveller". This is a more adventurous and emotional journey into the space rock heaven. After a long, trippy and atmopsheric beginning the rocking starts and we fly though space in a very hallucinogenic setting. Superb! The album is released on CD and digital download but I think it also needs a vinyl issue. Somebody please do it!!! I also want to hear some more stuff by the band a.s.a.p. Get spaced out with Dubbal!

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