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tiistai 27. elokuuta 2019

Weltraum - NYX

Tonzonen Records (TON 063)

This is the latest release by German impro/psych/space/kraut/experimental band Weltraum. The band celebrates their 20th birthday in this year. NYX is a double LP/CD live album recorded with a big lineup (featuring members of Knall, Space Invaders and Lava 303). It's also their best release so far with amazing, mind-expanding vibes and crystal clear sound! The LP is limited to 500 copies (300 on orange, 200 on black vinyl). The album was released last Friday and the vinyl version is almost sold-out already!

The first LP is filled with two 20-minute space jams: "Zychedelics" and "Spiral3". The first one is hypnotic, groovy and spacey stuff that really kicks in inside your head like its title suggests. I'm in instrumental psych heaven right away! Lots of spacey guitar, modular synths, bass and drums  included. "Spiral3" starts off in a rather ambient way and slowly grows with some percussion etc. It has a sort of jungle feel to it and begins to rock out heavier and really expand your mind later on... Wow! Side C has a couple of ten-minute-jams. "The Sea" begins with some ocean sounds and after the three-minute-marker it goes into a hypnotic, bit post-rock styled groove that then slowly cools down. "Drones" is perhaps the most krautrock styled piece but also very spaced-out and psychedelic. "(3908)" is pretty ambient and experimental at first, but later on it gets more intense and strange. The track I like the least but it is still very good! The four-minute "Styx" ends the album with peaceful, droney sounds. I got to say this album really makes me want to see this band live now since they are for sure up there with the best bands in improvised, instrumental and psychedelic space rock. Get this album right now so you won't miss out!

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