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keskiviikko 7. elokuuta 2019

Jack Ellister - When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease / Supernaut 7"

Fruits de Mer Records (crustacean 90)

Jack Ellister has gone on a long, adventurous journey since he left his original homeland Poland. He made some success in The Netherlands with his psychedelic rock band Yordan Orchestra ten years ago and that's when I first heard of him. I'm been following the man's career ever since and was lucky enough to include his solo live set in our Finnish version of The Fruits the Mer Records festival, Crabstock on Ice, in 2014, after a couple of 7" singles on the label. Since then he has relocated to the U.K. and released three full-lenght vinyl albums that are just great. He was recently voted as the Fruits de Mer Recors' favourite solo artist which is a great achievement!

Sadly I missed the ridiculously limited (just 30 copies!) "Magic Potion" 8" lathe-cut in 2017 but I made sure to order this new 7". I can't say that I'm that familiar with Roy Harper (I know I should...), but the A side cover from his HQ album track "When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease" sounds really nice performed by our dear Jack. It's a beautiful, moody piano ballad that suits Jack's voice very well. Now, I got to say I was a bit surpriced about the choise for B side: "Supernaut" by Black Sabbath! Sabbath just happens to be one of my personal favourites, and definitely the best heavy metal band in the world. Jack is not exactly known for his fondness of metal, but he proves here that he can be heavy as well. The song has more keyboards now and sounds a bit different, but the basic guitar riff is there with interesting drum patters. The vocals are done in a quite special way as well. As a die-hard Sabbath fan I must say that I approve and enjoy Jack's version! A brave move.

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