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maanantai 12. elokuuta 2019

Red & The Hogweeds - Sweet Stuff EP

Self-released (RATHCD03)

This is a limited edition CD-R EP/mini album by a quartet from St Dogmaels in Pembrokeshire, Wales. In their original six songs they freely mix punk, post-punk, pop, reaggae, rock, disco and blues. This is apparently their third release and was recorded at the legendary Foel Studio (Hawkwind, Gong, Van Der Graaf Generator, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tantacles etc.).

Especially the first track "Sonic Tonic" where they try to remember the halcyon daze of the 70s and 80s free festival scene where drugs were great and aplenty sounds pretty much like Here and Now. The spacey synth sounds are very nice to my ears and it's a good solid, almost space rock song with a nice chorus. "Backstreet Kid" is more punky rock number sort of bringing to mind Robert Calvert. Just guitar, bass, drums and vocals on this one, unfortunately. "Grind Our Bones" is a bit reggae inspired pop song that I don't particularly enjoy. On "A Message from Aliens" the vibe gets stranger and it also has some psychedelic effects etc. Sort of whacky, spacey reggae number, a bit like some of the Gong stuff. Cool, Theremin always works for me! "Sweet Violet" is a fast rock'n'roll blast and pretty okay at it, harmonica and all. "Bubble Car" is somekind of humour rock, maybe Nik Turner might have done it with Inner City Unit. Nothing special in my mind, though. All in all, this a varied, maybe even too so, EP that has its moments for spaceheads. It still might be better to see this band live at your local pub than at a psychedelic free festival, for example. I still like their spacier, more psychedelic vibe and it's obvious that the band had lots of fun recording this.

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