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torstai 3. tammikuuta 2019

The Chemistry Set ‎- Firefly 7"

Fruits de Mer Records (winkle 034)

The Chemistry Set from London already started in the late 80s with their brand of neo-psychedelia pop. The band is now going strong celebrating their 30th anniversary and Lovely Cuppa Tea, their previous 7" EP on Fruits de Mer last year was a really killer including a marvellous The Moody Blues cover "Legend of a Mind". I have been playing that tune a lot as a dj, and the two originals are excellent as well. A new release by this band is always a remarkable even for me and this two-tracker is no exception.

On the A-side we've got the heavy and mind-blowing "Firefly".  This might well be their best song yeat and yeah, at least it is the heaviest I've heard. You'll get sucked into a psychedelic, hypnotic whirlpool of sound. The verse is fuzzy, heavy and mysterious, but you can still find the melodic side of the band on the great chorus. I also love the tripped out solo part with phasing at the end! Just wow. "Sail Away" on the B-side is a lot mellower affair with acoustic guitar, tablas and slide guitar among other things. I like the vibe on this one that might well be a Kula Shaker out-take or something. In addition to these two great new songs you'll also get a bonus remix CD with two remixes of the aforementioned Moodies cover by Astralasia's Mark Swordfish and as a big Astralasia fan this release would have been worth getting for those alone! This is absolutely a release that I will play often and my dj audiences will hear it too for sure... Just go and get it!

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