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tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2019

Hotlist of January

Okay, these are the hottest albums/singles I've received since I did my Best of 2018 list:

Electric Orange ‎– Unterwasser Vol. 2
Pharaoh Overlord ‎– Chewing Gum Live
Camera ‎– Emotional Detox
Moonwagon - Zen Out of Ten - Live
The Chemistry Set ‎– Firefly 7" + bonus CD
Nick Nicely ‎– All Along The Watchtower 7"
Los Tabanos Experience Atlantis Mirage
Dark Fog ‎– Make You Believe
Øresund Space Collective ‎– Kybalion
The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers Tenderness Avalanche

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