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torstai 10. tammikuuta 2019

Musta Risti - S/T

Svart Records (Svart175)

This is the debut album by Finnish proto/doom metal band Musta Risti (Black Cross in English) following one mini LP, one 7" and a few cassettes etc. I have only seen the band live a couple of times but I have enjoyed their brand of 70s/80s heavy metal and Sabbath/Pentagram/Reverend Bizarre styled doom. This album was released in November last year so I'm a bit late again but since the band is supporting Lucifer on their Finnish gigs later this month I thought a review would still be in demand.

There is nothing on the album that could not have be done already in the 80s. So if you are looking for modern, technical metal you can forget it. Luckily for Musta Risti, I'm completely old school what comes to my taste in heavy music and doom metal so this is pretty much down my alley. The album starts off with the more energetic and fast-rocking "Peto" ("The Beast") that has some Motörhead vibe even. Great opener! "Kelmeät Silmät" is at first a slower, doomy track that starts to rock out faster in the middle bringing to mind some of the NWOBHM masters. "Tuhkaviitta" is a cool, mid-tempo heavy rocker. The gloomy "Laivue" is one of the heaviest songs bringing to mind the amazing Reverend Bizarre. One of my favourites for sure! "Kaaoksen lapset" is the longest track at over eight minutes. It's another totally superb, heavy, doom journey with clear Saint Vitus/Reverend Bizarre vibe. There's also some Trouble in there later on which is great... "Moottoriritari" is faster heavy metal not unlike some of the Finnish pioneers like Oz, I like it! The album is finished with the heavy and doomy "Tule esiin tuho" that makes you bang your head. It's another killer track, absolutely. All in all, this is great debut full-length that the band can be proud of. Great songs, great riffs, great playing, great vocals and even great production, it's all there. Warmly recommended for all lovers of  traditional heavy/doom metal.

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