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lauantai 11. marraskuuta 2017

Vespero - Shum-Shir

Tonzonen Records (TON30)

Vespero is a great instrumental prog/space/psych/kraut rock band from Russia. I've been a fan since their first official CD album Rito put out ten years ago by RAIG. I have not even heard the couple latest releases since they are only out on CD (and I don't buy CD's or have received them as promos) but it feels so good to get a vinyl release by them again! Shum-Shir is the second part of Abyssinian Tales.

The first, long title track track is a groovy hybrid of Ozric Tentacles and Korai Öröm with a lot of originality as well. Very spacey, bubbling and danceable, also including nice violin. There is also a great part with tons of African sounding percussion, space sounds and speech samples. Excellent opener and probably my favourite track! The second track "Isidore's Dance" is even more up-beat after its Gong sounding intro and makes you want to dance in trance. Superb! There are also some more progressive phases in the middle. Hidria Spacefolk fans will love it. This band really knows how to make uplifting space music.

On side two we've got three tracks. The first one "Gaya's Dance" is another fast Ozrics styled number with great solos and hypnotic vibe. Oh how much I want to experience Vespero alive! "Gulli's Dance" goes into more experimental and electronic direction but is also very enjoyable and psychedelic. Superb playing by all once again. The last number "Hapi" is a bit more laid-back and electronic and a nice way to come down after all the high-energy ethnic space partying. All in all, I got to say that this is perhaps the best album by Vespero that I have heard and also highlights of 2017. Be sure to get the beautifull vinyl that is limited to 500 copies!

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