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sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

Nazca Space Fox - S/T

Tonzonen Records (TON029/TON029CD)
Nazca Space Fox is a new German instrumental trio playing atmospheric post/stoner/psych rock. This brand-new LP/CD is apparently their first release and very well played, recorded and produced. In addition to electric guitar, bass and drums their sonic palette also includes occasional keyboards. There is a lot of dynamics and life in their music and the vibe also changes. I don't find their music highly psychedelic, spacey or mind-expanding, but there is that element in there as well. The band still trusts more on honest, good old power-trio playing than trippy tricks which is okay. Not every band has to be from another galaxy or something!
The album starts off with the almost 15-minute post-rock masterpiece "Weltraumorgel" that also has cool keyboard layers to add to the bit melancholic moods. Very nice and time just flies when you listen to this track! The shorter, groovy "The Monkey" is closer to stoner rock and has a happier vibe. "Orchid Coffee" is a beautiful piece that brings to mind some of the Colour Haze stuff. Getting pretty heavy and rocking towards the end... Great! "Isolator" is the second long track of the album and has a nice, emotional flow and groove with some heavier stuff in the middle. Nice! The shortest piece on the album is "Firebird" at 3:38 and it's a rather cool, melodic stoner rock number. The LP version (250 copies on blue and 250 on clear vinyl) ends with the long, adventurous and atmospheric "Mindwalk" that is definitely one of the best tracks. Beautiful, peaceful mode grows into a gorgeous guitar attacks and heavy boogie jamming. If you've got the CD version you can still enjoy the bonus track "5 Plus" that also works out really well somewhere in between heavy stoner and post-rock. This is a successful debut album in all aspects, check it out!

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