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perjantai 4. elokuuta 2017

Astral Visions Show #75 online @ Mixcloud!

Oh yeah baby, check out my groovy and spacey (etc...) show at:


  • 1 Quant Um (from Homo Fractaliens) by Cosmic Trickers
  • 2 Dancing In Flames (from Summer Loop) by Radiation Flowers
  • 3 Evil In The Tree (from Evil In The Tree 7") by The Oscillation
  • 4 7 or 7 or Not (from Tribute to Lemmy) by The Sonic Shamen
  • 5 Comanche Moon (from Death Song) by The Black Angels
  • 6 Entrada (from Obsidion) by Barrows
  • 7 Atom Heart MF (from HAwkeyes / Radiation Flowers split) by Hawkeyes
  • 8 Bone And Rock (from Time Machine 1992-2017) by Electric Orange
  • 9 Manta (from Adventures In The Upsidedown) by Da Captain Trips
  • 10 Aftonstjärnan (from Dag & Natt) by Kungens Män
  • 11 Hiding Nature? (from Forest Mirror) by Killflavour
  • 12 Armageddon Speed (from Atomic Oblivion) by Steel Mammoth
  • 13 Dripping (from Harbor) by Undone
  • 14 Dark Peace (from Forbidden Fruit) by The Striped Bananas
  • 15 Last Night of the Rarite (from S/T) by Hooffoot

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