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tiistai 22. elokuuta 2017

Da Captain Trips - Adventures in the Upsidedown

Phonosphera Records / VE Recordings (ph 11 / VELP017)

I reviewed the 2013 debut full-length album by this great Italian instrumental psychedelic space/prog rock band in early 2014 (check it out over here) and liked it a lot. In the mean time the band has re-released their first digital only EP on vinyl with bonus tracks, done an excellent split LP with the almighty Sendelica and also released a live album on the German Sunhair Music. Like all the above, this new album is a limited release and available on CD and LP with totally different artwork. The line-up features Cavitos: guitar, Peppo: bass, Tommy: drums and percussion and Bachis: synth & keyboards and bass on "Mother Earth". there are also a few guests like Lee Relfe the saxophone player of Sendelica which is great.

The album includes seven tracks. "The Calm and the Storm" starts off things in a laid-back, atmospheric manner creating a cool mood although it starts to rock/boogie out a bit after a couple of minutes. Nice opener! The galloping "Manta" has cool delay guitar work and keyboards and brings to mind bands like Monkey 3 without getting that heavy. Lots of guitar solos on this one. "Revelation" is slower and more mystical with a little bit of  Eastern vibe, lovely! I like the melodies and Lee's sax is spot-on too. "Dear Zahdia" begins as a melancholic ballad but turns into a rocking space rock orgy with space sounds, wow! "Trepasses Bay" is a beautiful, atmospheric track that comes close to some of the post-rock bands. "Peaceful Place" somehow brings to mind Colour Haze before it gets more electronic and hypnotic after the middle. The last track is the album's longest piece "Mother Earth" and it is peaceful, acoustic stuff before it starts to kick ass towards the end. All in all, this is great, honest album without too many overdubs but a lot of emotion and soul. Check it out!

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