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maanantai 15. syyskuuta 2014

Vibravoid: Rheinflow EP

Stoned Karma Records (SK701)

Here come the Düsseldorf's psych rock masters with their brand-new, ultra-cool limited 7" EP! These five new tracks are naturally pretty short but oh so sweet... The simple, highly addictive, catchy and groovy "Alphawave" rocks in the 60s style and has all the necessary ingredients to make your brain bubble in just over two minutes. Pure magic!  The title track is a more fuzzed-out, heavy piece but just as mind-blowing and even more hallucinatory including very hypnotic vocals. "Betawave" is a short ambient chill-out track that only lasts for a minute but it comes in need. The instrumental "Raga Baya" is the longest track at 4:46 and as the title suggests this is an Eastern-tinged, sitar/tabla-laden and mega-groovy piece that will fit perfectly your late-night psychedelic dance parties and vinyl orgies. Amazing! The short "Gammaway" is the most experimental piece on the EP and finishes off the last trace of your brain cells. I love this band! Unfortunately the 7" EP is a bit late and the new release date is 10 November. It will also be available as a download. Just get this little psych / flower power masterpiece!

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