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sunnuntai 3. maaliskuuta 2019

Moon Goose - Source Code

Fruits de Mer Records (strange fish sixteen)

One of the things I love about Fruits de Mer Records is that they often release stuff by bands and artists I have never heard about. One of the latest, as well as the best ones is Moon Goose from Hay On Wye, U.K. They play driving, instrumental space/kraut/psych rock and have been doing it for a few years now. Before this limited debut 2LP that also includes the album on CD the band has released a couple of sold-out EP's. They have also been included on a Fruits de Mer members club compilation CD and their summer festival goodie-back. Anyway, let's get to the album now...

There are 12 tracks on the album, all in between 3:18 and 8:45 in length. The opener "Second Life" has a motorik krautrock vibe and brings to mind Vert:x. Guitar-driven, energetic kraut/space rock with a little punky touch, perfect. "Knifeless Skinning" is bit more atmospheric and beautiful but at least as hypnotic track that gets more intense and out-there in the middle for a while. Some shoegaze vibes in this one as well. "Le Comte" is a groovier piece that I also like a lot. "The Mysterious Coffins of Arthur's Seat" is one of my favourites and has a weird, mystical mood. Something that the Lumerians might have come up with. Then it's time for some space surf with "Goldfish in a Bag" and it's not a bad one either. Nice to hear some great organ playing in there as well. The longest track "Trains" comes next and is a pretty weird, trippy and experimental piece with some cool synth stuff... It starts to rock out later on, just wait and see! "Joey Gets a Candle (Swayze Meld)" has a more electronic feel and it's another winner. "Carnage" has an experimental intro and then we get some cool garage/space rocking. Then it's time to chill out a trip with "Dark Shit" that also includes narration in Spanish. Things get pretty intense and heavy along the way, though... "Garway Witch Trial" is a weird one too, but very enjoyable. The hard rocking "Parameter 5" is next and the album is finished with the eight-minute "Fist Fight at the Bingo" that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to jump up and down like a maniac.

It was quite a challenge to release a 2LP as a debut album since in 74 minutes there are lots of possibilities to screw up but somehow Moon Goose have pulled off to the full. There are no tracks that I don't fully enjoy and there is enough variation to keep a psych fan interested for the full duration. I have a feeling that Source Code will be one of my favourite albums released in 2019. Pre-order now and you'll get this masterpiece sometime next month.

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