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tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2019

3rd Ear Experience with Dr. Space - Ear To Space

Space Rock Productions (SRP056)

3rd Ear Experience is a great, mostly instrumental psychedelic space rock jam band from the States. I was first introduced to them through their album Incredible Good Fortune that I reviewed in 2014 and have been buying all their albums since. This time we've got a collaboration album with Dr. Space from OSC on synths so things get even better! Three of the tracks were first recorded by the band and then sent to Dr. Space to add his improvisation, two were started by him and then sent to the band to fill their parts. Interesting recording method!

"Screams of Eagle Bone" starts up the party with energetic, steady space rocking. I love the tight combination of drums, bass, guitars and tons of astral analogue space effects! There is a softer spot in the middle, though. "Anam Cara" has a cool, groovy and ethnic vibe and also some Arabic sounding chanting. Tons of space sounds again as well! Things get very dreamy and laid-back on the journey and then we get some killer heavy guitar soloing that blows my mind. Lots of organ/keyboards on this one too. Great! "Dreams of the Caterpillar" is the longest of the three side-long tracks at 22:13. After the long spacey synth intro the track slowly starts to build up. This one has a trancey, sort of electronic feel to it and I enjoy it very much. On side D we've got two a bit shorter pieces (well, 9:37 and 6:04 but anyway...). "Coin in the Desert" has a dreamy ambient vibe at first and then sounds a bit like the Ozrics in their more hypnotic mode. I really enjoy the cool, groovy percussion of this one. Reminds me of Africa, very nice. "Sue's Dream World" is pure weird spacey synth soundscapes by Dr. Space with some peaceful jamming by the band. Very trippy and up-lifting! All in all, this an amazing album of psychedelic space rock with some ethnic vibes to boost and will for sure appeal to all lovers of cosmic music in general. Available on two different limited 2LP editions as well as on limited CD! Sorry, I just can't find any sound samples at the moment, but you know you'll need this.

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