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sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2016

Dj Astro's playlist @ Pentagram/Satan/Spiritus Mortis/The Order of Israfel/Satan's Fall, Nosturi, Helsinki, 12.11.2016

Wow, what an amazing event... I had lots of fun!

This is what I played, more metal than usual of course!

Liquid Sound Company - League for Spiritual Discovery Lives
La Ira De Dios - Perdidos En El Espacio
On Trial - Blinded by the Sun
Josiah - Looking at the Mountain
Exciter - Oblivion/Violence & Force
Mercyful Fate - Satan's Fall
Damien Thorne - The Sign of the Jackal
Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof
Hallow's Eve - Hallow's Eve
Manowar - Gloves of Metal
Blessed Death -  Blessed Death
Demon - Don't Break the Circle
Angel Witch - White Witch
Candlemass - Gothic Stone/The Well of Souls
Trouble - Run to the Light
Deep Purple - Burn
Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
Witchfinder General - Friends of Hell
Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
Manowar - Warlord
Obsessed - Tombstone Highway
Saint Vitus - One Mind
Motörhead - The Ace of Spades
Venom - In League with Satan
Blue Öyster Cult - Astronomy

Some videos I shot at the event:

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