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torstai 10. joulukuuta 2015

Window Blinds - Lobotomil

Ski Star Productions

This latest release by Window Blinds was released already a year ago, so sorry for the delay. The duo is formed by Petri Parkkali (Finland) and Thomas Schärer (Germany), and they make very dark, strange, depressive and mostly electronic music that makes you feel heavily sedated or, indeed, lobotomized. Whether you like the feeling or not, is up to you... You can check my review of their first release over here.

This digital-only (well, I got a promo CD-R here), almost totally instrumental release includes 11 tracks in 35 minutes, so most of the pieces are relatively short. The second longest track "Finistère (Check-in)" starts off the album in very dark and Gothic mode. This one also has depressive vocals. There is more melody towards the end that keeps things interesting. I'm actually reminded of some of the most electronic and gloomiest Post Romantic stuff from the 80s, which is actually quite nice. The instrumental "Suicide Tourism" is a bit more experimental and weird, but melancholic stuff. The title track is not just as dark, somehow an image of lo-fi Atari Kraftwerk gone weird comes to mind, and the same goes for some other pieces as well. There are a couple of very short experimental tracks, and some tracks have also piano in addition to the odd soundscapes and electronic experimentation. The longest piece is the 8-minute "Sister Ruth" that's rather odd and out-there. I really can't get a grip of it or most of the other tracks, but maybe that's just how they wanted. I can't say that this is exactly the kind of music that I enjoy to hear, but I'm sure there are people who enjoy this stuff very much.


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