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maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015


(Some sad news from Jerry at Aural Innovations... Please let me know if you have ideas how I could continue my Astral Visions Radio Show that Jerry hosted?)

After EIGHTEEN years of continuous publication I have decided to bring Aural Innovations to a close.

I have not lost interest. I have not gotten bored. In 2007 I began another research and writing project, which I’ll apologize for being vague about, that I made considerable headway with through about 2010, at which point I realized I was over my head in terms of available time to work on it. In recent months it’s been gnawing at me, and increasingly so to the point where I’ve decided it’s time to move on. Actually the decision got easy once I realized that I should consider it a luxury when the worst problems I have in this world are agonizing over which of my passions I want to prioritize.

The good news is that due to the generosity of Brian Feather at Cleveland Hosted the Aural Innovations web site will remain, though in a static, non-updatable form. That means all the reviews, articles and interviews will remain, as will the Robert Calvert, Stone Premonitions and Thru Black Holes Band sites. The radio shows will be removed, though I don’t consider them as significant as the written material from an archival standpoint.

The web site goes static the first week of March. I will spend between now and then clearing out the reviews backlog and doing my best to spread the word to bands and labels that they should remove me from their promo lists. What they should NOT do is remove me from their news/announcement lists. I am STILL interested in keeping up with new releases!

It’s been a hell of a ride. I’ve been exposed to an amazing amount of music, made a lot of great friends, and even got to meet a fair number of you in person. I’m proud that Aural Innovations lasted so much longer than most web sites. Life is good…

I can’t close without sending out HUGE thanks to the staffers who made Aural Innovations possible, especially during the “issues” years: Keith Henderson, Scott Heller, Christian Mumford, Jeff Fitzgerald, the late great Doug “Dr Synth” Walker, Roger Neville-Neil, Adam Strider, Chuck Rosenberg, Charles Van de Kree, Mike Reed, Carlton Crutcher, Albert Pollard, Pat Albertson, Santtu Laakso, and may hell consume me for anyone I’ve left out.

Jerry Kranitz

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