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perjantai 22. elokuuta 2014

Deep Space Destructors: III


This Oulu-based band is going deeper and deeper into space with each release and I love it. The basic trio has on their third album also been reinforced with a fourth member on "black deck" which I guess is some kind of space sound machine/keyboard. Great!

The album starts off with the album's shortest track (5:41) "Beyond the Black Star" that is very nice, progressive and almost instrumental stuff with some killer guitar. Some Hawkwind influences, maybe? The over nine-minute "Starship Earth" has a hypnotic, groovy and fast beat and reminds me of some of the Hidria Spacefolk stuff or even bands like Circle. This is absolutely one of the highlights for me, and also has vocals. After a more atmospheric part the track gets a bit heavier. "Cosmic Burial" starts off in a mystical, quite peaceful way and you can also hear some keyboards. The guitar sounds a bit like Kingston Wall. Then things get doomier with a slow, heavy riff and vocals, but there's more atmospheric stuff to come. This is maybe closer to the great US band Naam, who Deep Space Destructors will support in Oulu this autumn. "An Ode to the Indifferent Universe" is the most progressive track on the album and also the longest at 15:12. It's at first rather peaceful but gets more intense and starts to rock out before the five-minute-marker. Lots of different parts in this one. "Ikuinen Alku" has interesting, gloomy spoken sample and lyrics in Finnish telling about planetary destruction. This is heavy space hard rock with cool psych sounds! An excellent ending for a great album. Check this out, since you will probably enjoy the vibe. You can now pre-order the limited CD (200 copies) and digital download, and I've also heard rumors of a vinyl version later this year...

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