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torstai 28. lokakuuta 2021

Shem - II

 Clostridium Records (CR 067)

Shem from Stuttgart is a new band making improvisational, instrumental psychedelic rock inspired by early krautrock, Hawkwind and modern bands like Kungens Män. As you might have guessed, II is their second album following the CD album No  Songs, Just Sound (2020). The guitars are pretty heavy compared to some other impro psych bands nowadays (like OSC, for example).

This limited edition LP (150 on black, 150 on coloured vinyl) has just three long tracks. It starts of with the heavy and massive "Descension" that rocks out in a freaky way. "Night" is slower and more tranquil at first but gets darker and heavier. The band also has a synth player but he mostly does sound effect like stuff which fits in fine. The two guitarists are more in the front, anyway. The over 19-minute "Fall" fills the whole side B. It has a bit faster, sort of motorik groove and all in all it's the more krautrock sounding, hypnotic piece. Great stuff! If you like improvised, heavy psych/space/krautrock I'd say you should locate a copy of this album for your collection for sure.

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