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perjantai 3. syyskuuta 2021

Astral Magic - A Trip to Alpha Centauri on pre-order today for Bandcamp Friday!


Okay folks, it's once again the first Friday of the month and Bandcamp Friday! It means that BC does not take their share of the artists' sales for 24 h. As it happens, I have a new album to put on pre-sale today!

A Trip to Alpha Centauri is the instrumental album that was supposed to be released on Misophonia Records on tape this month. The label was sadly decided to be put on hold for now and the release got cancelled. I decided to do a limited, home-grown CD-R edition instead, just 40 copies. Make sure to pre-order now if you want one!

Also of course available on digital download. Official release date is September the 17th.


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