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maanantai 5. heinäkuuta 2021

Sendelica - And Man Created God

 Regal Crabomophone (winkle 44)


And Man Created God is the first studio album by Welsh psychedelic space rockers Sendelica since 2019's Cromlech Chronicles IV: The Door Into Summer. The covid time has made things hard for all the bands with no gigs or usual studio activities, but luckily high quality home recording is easy and relatively cheap these day. The only down side here is the lack of live drummer: all the drum tracks are now programmed and I know some people don't like that very much. Personally, I don't really mind this time since the electronic drums are well produced and suite the music.

This is a double vinyl album that lasts almost 80 minutes and has nine songs ranging in length from over four to over 11 minutes. The overal sound is a bit more electronic and hypnotic than before, I think, but you still get loads of guitar and sax solos over spacey atmospheres and groovey bass lines. The stuff is totally instrumental apart from track eight "Seren Golawr" that has the magnificent Elfin Bow on vocals to a great effect. Religious beliefs are a main theme that has inspired the making of this album, the idea that maybe the development of mankind made Man to create God in his own image. Deep stuff, and so is the music! The sound is superb as usual, and there is enough variation from hard rocking to ambient soundscapes to keep you interested for the whole journey. Personally I love the long, repetative jams and there are plenty of those of course. The double LP is wrapped in die-cut cover which is something new for the Fruits de Mer/Regal Crabomophone label and already sold-out at the label, even though the release date is August 13th. I certainly will need to find a copy somewhere since this really is too good to miss!

Early pre-orders of this album come with a free compilation CD Birds of a Feather that also inlcludes a previously unreleased track by my solo project Astral Magic among other treats so try to get that too! It's not available elsewhere...

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