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lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2021

Ambassador Hazy ‎– Glacial Erratics


Ambassador Hazy is a new solo project by Sterling DeWeese from Cold Springs, NY. Some of you might already know the guy from his previous involvement in groups Heavy Hands, Dirty Rainbow, Terrapin Gun, Madison Electric and Black Fantastic. Glacial Erratics was recorded to tape in his basement and has a lovely, warm, home-made vibe all over it. You cold say it sounds a bit on the lo-fi side but in a positive way if you know what I mean!

The album has 14 short songs ranging in length from 1:36 to 3:56. Sterling plays guitars, bass, drums, some organ and sings lead and backing vocals by himself. He was also helped by a few friends on three of the tracks. This is not overtly psychedelic but defnitely has a psychy undertone going on all the time. Some of the songs remind me of The Bevis Frond or Neil Young, for example, and there are also some folk rock and country music elements included. Most of the songs have some cool heavy fuzz guitar though and there is a strong garage rock vibe present. Tracks like "Lucky Clover" also brings to mind The Green Pyjamas so there is also some catchy pop melodies hidden in there somewhere. "Never Too Late" and "Outside my Front Door" have a bit of 60's psych rock touch and a few others as well. Once I got used to the bit primitive sound of the album I started to like it a lot. This is sort of loner psych stuff for the 2020's, I guess. Very Nice! The album was already released last summer and I bet most of the 100 copies are already gone but with any luck you might still be able to score a copy.

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