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tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2020

Sula Bassana - CV Sessions

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Here's another great psychedelic musician that has used the time off gigging to make some cool new music at home... I bet all my readers are familiar with Sula Bassana (Dave) from Germany. He's been around for decades and always comes up with some exciting stuff in what ever project he partakes in. The CV Sessions name has a clever double meaning: of course it refers to COVID-19 epidemic but also to voltage controlled analogue synth gear that he has used making this album. There is also some  guitars, bass, keyboards and what ever but the main emphasis is on small analogue synths and drum machines.

The nine-minute "A Nice Constellation of the Planets" starts off the album being one of my favourites. Very hypnotic and deep stuff, makes your head feel dizzy and kaleidoscopic! "wtf?" is lighter but still psychedelic and pretty weird. "Wollschweber" has some cool electic guitar and keyboards as well and it's a beautiful, slow and melancholic piece. Wonderful! The next, dark piece "What is Reality?" has heavy guitar and and a sort of depressive vibe. "Ruins of Civilisation" is also a bit of a downer but a good one... Reminds me of some of the Electric Moon stuff, sort of groovy beat and nice electonics. Some excellent electric guitar work on this one as well! Then we get some acoustic guitar on "Foggy Forest", some Pink Floyd vibe on this one. Very nice! "Tick Attacks!" is weird electronica again but also has some bass etc. The rather ambient and pretty "Little Birdy" ends the album in tranquile moods. Superb! All in all, this is great release although a bit depressive as a whole but who can blame him if you see where this world is going to. Music is our best, safest and most enjoyable escape so let's use that!

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