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sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2020

Dr Space - Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol 4 - Space with Bass

Space Rock Productions ‎(SRP065CD)

This is the latest solo album by Scott Heller aka Dr Space. I'm sure we all know Scott from his various bands and projects like Øresund Space Collective. At least so far the fourth volume in Dr Space's Alien Trip series in only available on limited CD. The six tracks WOULD fit on a double vinyl, though... Like the sub-tittle suggests, Scott is this time teamed up with a bass player, Hasse Horrigmoe, a forming member of Norwegian psychedelic/progressive rock band Tangle Edge. This album does not included progressive or even any other kind of rock, though. It's pure experimental, abstract ambient, Berlin School sort of thing.

"Vermis Ex-Deus Primero" is a minimal, very spacey track that gets you in a special state of mind for sure... Cool experimental bass sound. "Bemushroomed" has bit more melody, although at random. Weird stuff from outer space... "3rd Eye into the 4th Dimension" continues the trip in similar manner. "Rolling Quark Secretion" has some more space bass again, as well as lots of different synthesizer soundscapes. "BlackCloud" is more sequencer based and sort of more focused but still very weird. "Bass Karma" has some more melody, maybe accidental but still. I like it! "Lament for the Wicked" even sort of has a bass riff, although manipulated and odd as hell. This is more rhythm based, hypnotic stuff. Phew, what a weird album! If you are looking for a really special, strange and spacey trip with sounds this might be it.

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