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maanantai 25. toukokuuta 2020

Vesa Partti - Ambientwerk I: Aallokko


This is a brand-new digital ambient release by Helsinki-based musician Vesa Partti that you might remember from bands like Tuliterä and Sadkarma. Vesa also recently played an online live stream gig with his solo material and I really enjoyed it. Anyway, what we've got here are three long, instrumental and electronic tracks with synthesizers all written, performed and produced by Vesa at his home studio and the results are mind-blowing. The music I guess is somewhere in between dark ambient, kosmische and minimal repetitive techno. The overall sound is modern in my ears at least. Okay, anything after 1995 is. The titles are all in German so that might give you hint of the influences.

The long opener "Pflanzenrettung" is a slow, deep and floating ambient piece that also has a little bit of moody guitar in the mix later on. The beats on this one are pretty minimal. Wonderful soundscapes and emotional, ethereal vibes all over! The second (more energetic) track was replaced after the initial release, so I'm hearing "Abgebrochen" for the first time right now. Dark, hazy beginning, and the track then slowly evolves and grows. Dreamy and minimal, again. The massive pad sounds are high in the mix. After eight minutes we'll get some more bass and drums but the track stays slow and repetitive all the way. Nice! The longest piece is the 27-minute "Meeresbriese" and it is the deepest and most effective of the lot. This is  more like modern concrete music I think? No programmed drums. Very cinematic and emotional, all happening in slow motion in a trance-like state. I would love to hear this as a soundtrack to some beautiful, artsy dark black and white movie. The massive wall of synthesized ambient sound keeps you in its hold long after the music has finally faded out into the darkness. Amazing! Get this and name your price.

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