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torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2020

Saint Gallus Convention Tapes - Files Vol. 01

Wonderlamp Records (DigOil-08)

Saint Gallus Convention Tapes is a fresh band from Dortmund, Germany. This quartet with a lovely female singer mixes together (traditional) blues with psychedelic rock like no-one else I've heard before.

There are some good old standards like "Smokestack Lightnin'" but I actually prefer their originals like the first digital single "Draught". The guitarist also plays some steel guitar, blues harp and sings. His singing sounds pretty authentic and bluesy for example on the otherwise pretty ethereal sounding  "White Tears". I'm not a big blues fan myself so the more basic blues pieces are not that interesting to me but when the band gets more psychedelic I enjoy them a lot. The album is finished with a 14-minute version of "Bringing It On Home" with lots of jamming, of course! The album will be released next month on vinyl and CD. 


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