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perjantai 24. tammikuuta 2020

Automatism ‎– Into The Sea

Tonzonen Records (TON 077)

Into the Sea is the second full-length album by Swedish instrumental kraut/psych rock group Automatism. They have also released one split 10" with Pavallion last year, another great move by Tonzonen. You can also hear these musicians in other groovy bands like Kungens Män, New Rose, Partikel and Fanatism. Their music is largely based on improvisation but they seem to play same tracks at least twice. This is based on the fact that the new album features two re-recorded themes from the debut, the more NEU! tracks oriented "Propeller Propulsion" and "Standing Wave". They are pretty different now, though.

What makes these tracks and the whole session (recorded in Svartsjölandet Studio) feel different is the use of upright bass giving a more jazzy vibe. This is very appropriate since the album features a cool version of the Alice Coltrane classic "Journey In Satchidananda"! Oh joy. In addition, you can fiend a new track, the pretty celestial and tranquil "Sparkler", another winner I might add. So we've got just four numbers but they are long, creative and adventurous so you'll really get your money's worth. All in all, this is highly pleasurable, mind-altering and somehow positive and uplifting experience and warmly recommended. The line-up is Hans Hjelm: guitar, synthesizer, percussion, Gustav Nygren: guitar, Mikael Tuominen: bass, guitar, percussion and Jonas Yrlid: drums. Jakob Sjöholm is also guesting on guitar on the Coltrane cover. This is again a very limited edition of just 300 copies so get it fast or you will miss out!

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