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torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2019

Pseudo Sun - Ozone Mantra


Swedish hard/space rock band Pseudo Sun is finally back in orbit! I had not heard anything from the band since the 2006 demo and I know Captain Juba (bass, vocals, synths etc., ex-Darxtar) has been busy with his other bands so I feared that was it. I've been a fan of this hard rocking trio since the 1997 debut album Future Memoirs, played with them in 1998 with my band Dark Sun, organized a gig for them in Helsinki and actually I'm also playing synths on their very limited live LP Live Ghosts along with Dr. Space /Scott Heller from Øresund Space Collective so the relationship is pretty close I would say... I still try to stay objective here!

I'm glad thet the original live lineup of Juba, Mats Jassa Singh (guitars) and Erca Lindesvärd (drums) is still intact. These guys have known each other for decades and play together really tightly. Ozone Mantra was recorded at Balans Studio and The Mental Institute and was engineered by Ulf Vestlund and Juba. The sound is now better than ever and even the vocals work really well this time. Well done guys! The 65-minute CD includes eight new tracks.  Like before, some of the tracks include long, spacey jam parts. Especially the 12-minute "Don't Repair Me" has an extended jam ending with tons of spacey Korg synth. Another example of extended jamming is the final piece "Lunar Phantasy". Most of the songs are heavy space rock blasts that really rock out but for example on the instrumental "Heliosheath" the band goes into mystical, dreamy soundscapes in the style of "Set the Controls..." by Pink Floyd. The organ is a nice extra touch here, great. "City of Dreams" is a nice, beautiful space ballad with some mandolin as well. It's hard to name one favourite track since I really like all of them but maybe the stand-out pieces are that and the Motörhead-styled (Lemmy is a big influence for Juba) "The New Breed". Mats is playing some amazing solo guitar all over and Erca and Juba play together so tight. All in all, this is absolutely the best release by Pseudo Sun and my only complaint is that this is not available on vinyl. It would make a great double album with a couple of extra tracks... Maybe on Space Rock Productions?

You might have some difficulties obtaining a copy of this heavy space rock masterpiece so your best bet at the moment is contacting the band by email: or through their Facebook page. Recommended!

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