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keskiviikko 5. joulukuuta 2018

The Re-Stoned - Ram's Head

Qiasum Records / Rushus Records (QIA 3005 / RR06)

The Re-Stoned is an instrumental heavy stoner/hard/vintage/fuzz/psych rock trio from Moscow, Russia. They have been going for about ten years now and have at least ten albums under their belt. Unfortunately I've only got three of them, but we all can check them out at their Bandcamp site. The trio is comprised of Ilya Lipkin - guitars, effects, Vladimir Kislyakov - bass and Maximilian Maxotsky - drums. Some of you know Ilya also from the more psychedelic and spacey project Maat Lander that he has with a couple of guys from Vespero.

On Ram's Head The Re-Stoned keeps things simple, groovy and heavy.  There is only guitar, bass and drums, no fancy special quests or anything. Just tight, skillful playing and cool jamming. And it is surely enough to rock your socks off! The opener "Chromagnetic Stomp" already proves this with its Fatso Jetson -styled, mid-tempo stoner rocking. "Land of Crimson Clouds" is a lot heavier and slower stuff coming close to doom metal (Saint Vitus?) even. Great! "Smoke Sea" is a bit more psychedelic and jam-based, hypnotic and tight piece with loads of amazing lead guitar work. This actually brings to mind Earthless a bit! The longest track on the CD is the over 13-minute "Acid Truck" that is heavy stoner/desert rocking with a cool, more experimental middle part. "Orange Sky and Bottle Neck" has an easy, tranquil beginning and stays rather atmospheric which is nice after all the heavy hard rocking. A bit more bluesy and rootsy stuff too. The album is finished with the four-minute heavy stoner blast "Dune Surfer" that makes you bang your head. In summary, this is really cool, honest album of heavy, instrumental stoner rocking. If that is your cup of tea, be sure to check this out!

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