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lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2018

Various Artists - The Three Seasons, The Spring, Summer and Autumn of Love

Fruits de Mer Records (crustacean 87)

The next release on the now legendary Fruits de Mer Records will be this massive, amazing 3LP collection of cool cover songs of psych rock classics from 1966 to 1968! Just wow, I'm really overwhelmed with all the juicy treats within. In addition to the familiar, highly talented Fruits de Mer artists like The Past Tense, Jack Ellister, Anton Barbeau, The Luck Of Eden Hall, The Honey Pot, Magic Bus, Sidewalk Society and Jay Tausig there are also several newcomers to the scene. Since its beginning ten years ago, Fruits de Mer has been a great quide to new psych acts for me, and I'm really glad that this time they bring forth marvellus bands and artists like LoveyDove, Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder, Rob Gould, The Locker Room Cowboys, The Gold Needles and then some.

Another reason that Fruits de Mer releases are so interesting and enjoyable is that in addition to the most-loved and well-known psych/prog/kraut/space/folk classics they also put out new renditions of rare nuggets of the first psychedelic era! So, in addition to The Rolling Stones, Love, The Attack, The Byrds, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band etc. I heard for the first time about some acts that I really must investigate further. There's so much stuff from the 60s you just don't know about yet or have already forgotten, wonderful! There are 27 tracks altogether and they all sound awesome. Really, there are no fillers, only killers included. The 60s psych afficiendos will love the fact that three original artists of the era are also featured. The Electric Prunes perform a cover of Love's "7 and 7 Is", The Yardbirds are presented by a 2016 live version of their own "Think About It" and the album is finished with a 2010 live version of "Loneliest Person" by The Pretty Things. Excellent! There is enough variety in style and vision and some new versions are pretty different to the originals making the whole album an interesting journey. Closer to two hours are gone in a heady haze that is very entertaining and enjoyable. The triple album is a bit late due to manufacturing problems but should be available soon enough. Like usual, those who pre-order The Three Seasons along with the other imminent release (Kris Gietkowski's new LP) from the label (U.K.) or Heyday Mailorder (non-U.K.) in time will also receive a free bonus disc, this time a cool exclusive compilation CD Sideshows by The Seashore. Another reason to love Fruits de Mer!

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