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perjantai 24. elokuuta 2018

Kshettra - Five Mothers

Self-released (KSH001)

Kshettra is a Russian experimental ambient jazz bass and drums duo formed by Boris Ghas (bass, poem, samples) and Viktor Tikhonov (drums, Oxoma synth, sample). This CD released in early 2017 also includes guests Ramille Mulikov (sax, trumpet, trombone), Nikolai Samarin (synth, double bass, mandolin, sitar) and
Eugeniy Mikhalchenko (voice).Their debut album was released in 2013 by R.A.I.G. that some of my readers will know for great releases by Akhmed, The Re-Stoned, Seven That Spells, Vespero, Sendelica etc.

The album begins with a short, drone-like ambient piece "Conception" and then the jazzy, proggy bass and drums jamming begins with "Garura Lila" and continues on "Cikada". The basic tracks are rather minimally and elegantly spiced with other instruments from time to time, but the overal vibe is rather minimal and plain. There are some tribal/Oriental/World Music vibes on the journey, for example in "Godzhindra". "Walk Under the Moon" has some spoken word in Russian at the beginning and then we get some mystical, tranquil and dark soundscapes. This is perhaps the most psychedelic track on the CD and my favourite. "Umbra" is more rhythmical again and "Machanoya" another longer, more experimental and trippier number that I enjoy. The CD is finished with the weird one-minute ambient drone piece "Crossing". I can't say that this is exactly the kind of music that I normally listen to, but I just have to give these guys some credit for creativity and musicianship. Rather interesting stuff!

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