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lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2018

Verstärker ‎– Aktivität

Tonzonen Records (Ton043)

Verstärker is a motorik, instrumental neo-kraut/space rock trio from Kentucky, U.S.A. They use guitars, bass, amplifiers, synths, effects and drums to create a hypnotic, cosmic soundscape mostly inspired by early 70s German music. There are also hints of post-punk, no-wave and drone for a good measure. This debut album was originally released on tape and digital form on their own SpaceLab Records in 2015 and has now seen a limited vinyl treatment on Tonzonen Records.

The over 11-minute "Mit Glück" starts off the A-side with rather hectic motorik beat, heavy guitars and spacey sound effects. This sounds like a harsher, noisier and faster version of Neu!, I'm loving it! "Abstrakt/Konkret" has a bit more laid-back sonic quality but the steady kraut beat is still going on. Things do get noisier and wilder along the ten-minute ride, though... On side B there are three more abstract pieces. "Übertragung" is an experimental, ambient and synth-oriented drone number. "Etwas Anders" has a more electronic, mesmerizing vibe and a slow beat. This is the shortest track at 5:06. The album is finished with the long title track that has a post-punk styled bass line and drum beat with noisy, very abstract sounding manipulated guitar stuff. This is perhaps closer to Joy Division of something but still psychedelic and spacey and I like it. All in all, a very enjoyable album of experimental space/krautrock and post-punk, check it out! The LP is released on clear vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

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