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keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2016

Lunar Miles Band - S/T CD EP


This is the second CD EP by Lappeenranta, Finland based heavy stoner rock trio Lunar Miles Band. I reviewed their debut EP called Souls from the Moon last year, check it out over here.  This three-track EP is also out on tape and available as a digital download on their Bandcamp site, if you prefer. The band continues on their heavy, groovy and stoner rock styled path, but this time we also get some solo guitar, which is great. "...For the Undead" starts off the EP, and this even brings to mind Electric Wizard a bit with the doomy basic riff. Simple, harsh and effective. "Nightrider IX" is a bit more experimental and adventurous, but still heavy and groovy instrumental jam that also has some guitar soloing and spoken samples to add more psychedelic vibe. This is also the longest track on the EP at 6:47. The last track "Skyline Highway" is at first a slower, doomy and heavy piece that starts to rock after the beginning. Fans of early Monster Magnet might dig this! The music also gets closer to sludge, and again there's heavy solo guitar work in there as well. The band is playing live quite a lot and definitely getting better, let's hope they can get a full length album done soon.

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